Top 10 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India

Let’s get right into it.

Automatic washing machines have two models i.e. Top-Loaders and Front-Loaders.

Top-Loader washing machines are generally less expensive. They weigh less and their washing cycles are shorter but they need more water. They can also be harsh on your clothes sometimes. Hence, they are not a suitable option for luxury garments with smooth textures.

Front-Loaders usually cost more than Top-Loaders. They use less water and are gentle on your clothes.  They also take half as long to dry clothes when compared to typical Top-Loaders.

But, wash cycles are generally longer in Top-Loaders due to the quality of the wash. Front-Loaders generally outperform Top-Loaders in cleaning and drying.

A good Top-Loader generally starts from 10,000, and a Front-Loader from 20,000 rupees.

Our team of experts spent almost 100 hours of testing and  handpicked a list of 10 best washing machines for you. Our “buying guide”  has in-depth information about selecting washing machines. It will help you understand the basic categorisation of washing machines. We recommend reading it if you have time. 

List of Top 10 Best Washing Machines in India 2019

Front Loading Washing Machine BrandsCapacityProduct WarrantyMotor WarrantyBuy NowBosch WAK24268IN Washing Machine7 kg2 years10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONIFB Senator Acqa SX Washing Machine8 kg4 years4 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONLG FHOH3NDNL02 Inverter Washing Machine6 kg2 years10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONSamsung WW60M206LMW/TL Washing Machine6 kg2 years5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONHaier Washing Machine HW70-B12636NZP7 kg2 years10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONTop Loading Washing MachinesLG Inverter Washing Machine6.5 kg2 years10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONHaier Washing Machine5.8 kg2 years5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONSamsung Washing Machine6.2 kg2 years–CHECK ON AMAZONBosch Top Loading Washing Machine6.5 kg2 years10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZONWhirlpool Washing Machine7 kg2 years10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Front Load Washing Machines

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine WAK24268IN

If you want to experience solid-build quality and next level cleaning performance there can be no other better option than Bosch. The eminent German brand is one of the premium home Appliance brands all over the world and you can never go wrong with it.

The machine has 1200 RPM rotational speed. At this high speed, you get dry clothes that can be taken directly for ironing.

It washes your clothes using VarioDrum! It is a unique design which has two sides, a flatter side for cleaning fine textiles and the steeper side for fighting hard stains and grimes. It is also known to reduce soaking time as well.  

The advanced water flow technique ensures each fabric comes in contact with soap and water so your clothes look all new and smell fresh.

It is equipped with an Active Water System that first senses the load of your laundry then adjusts the water flow accordingly thus optimizing water usage.

It boasts an Anti-Vibration design that works with zero to little noise even at maximum spinning speed.

The VarioPerfect technology consumes 20% less energy and for wash cycles are 65% faster with Speed-Perfect technology. So you save both your time and money!

Keeping Indian customers in mind it has introduced to the Monsoon wash—effectively removes musty smells of clothes, and sari-wash keeps good care of your Benarasi and silks.

Allergy plus technique-certified by ECARF(European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation)-effectively removes bacteria and any other skin irritants like parabens, preservatives, enzymes, colours and dyes present in your detergent powder.

It also has a Reload option so you can open the machine and add or remove laundries from the running wash cycle.

Other Features Include:

  • Quick 15 minutes wash- for washing lightly stained clothes in just 15 minutes
  • Child Lock- locks the keys so your child can’t change the settings
  • Foam control- detects foam level
  • Voltage guard- can handle voltage fluctuations
  • Time delay up to 24 hours– you can delay the wash cycles from 1 to 24 hour

The Verdict

From extraordinary build-quality to advanced features like Active Water, AllergyPlus, Anti-vibration Design this machine is a total all rounder and with more than 1000 reviews it’s our 1st go-to option in the list.  With 7 kg capacity will be a great addition for a family with 3-4 members.

What we like

  • Top class built-quality
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Allergy proof
  • Monsoon wash
  • Time and energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on motor

What we don’t like

  • Service is not responsive as others

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2. IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front-Loader Senator Aqua SX

IFB was the pioneer of Front-Loader washing machines in India. The company launched their first

fully automatic washing machine in the year 2000 and since then IFB is making some excellent quality washing machines.

The IFB Senator Aqua front-loader washes your clothes with two combined technology the 3D wash and the A

Air Bubble Wash.

Higher the spinning speed higher the drying capacity and 1400 RPM speed is the highest you can get at this price range.

The 3D wash circulates water in 360 degree and the Air bubble wash produces millions of bubbles that penetrate detergent deep into the fabric leading to a great overall washing cycle. The combined action can easily take out the toughest stains and splatters.

It uses a Crescent Moon drum which has unique crescent moon shaped grooves on the surface.  It creates water cushion and prevents rubbing against the steel wall.

It also boasts Aqua Energie an in-built water filter which vitalizes the water and dissolves the detergent better leaving your clothes all fresh and hygienic.

A Ball Valve Technology passes water out keeping the detergent in so you end up with better cleaning using less water and detergent.

It has a special wash programme, Cradle Wash which treats lace, satin, chiffons with care.

It also comes with a Laundry add option to add missed laundries in the middle of wash-cycles.

Other Notable Features Include:

  • 100 wash programmes- for 100 clothing types and conditions
  • Auto balance system- detects unbalanced load
  • Foam control- detects foam level
  • Time delay- delay your wash cycles from 30 minutes to 24 hour
  • Quick wash- easy 15-30 minutes  fast wash according to your convenience
  • Voltage protection- pauses the cycle in high or low voltage and resumes after reaching safe voltage levels
  • Child-Lock- keep your machine away from your child’s activities

The verdict:

The features they offer with IFB senator are more or less similar to Bosch. But the main difference is in their build quality. So it is the runner up and comes 2nd on the list.

If you don’t mind compromising a little bit with the build quality then you can definitely go for IFB Senator. The 8 Kg capacity and 1400 RPM speed is enough for 5 people or more.

What we like

  • 8 Kg capacity
  • 1400 RPM speed
  • Aqua Energie
  • Cradle wash
  • Works under low water flow ( 0.3 to 10 bar)
  • 4 years warranty on the product + 4 years on the motor
  • Poor customer support in some areas

What we don’t like:

  • Poor customer support in some areas

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3. LG 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine FH0FANDNL02

LG is one of the most trusted household brands in India due to their wide after sales service network and their quality that never fails your expectations.

The stainless steel drum can spin with max 1000 RPM speed which is sufficient for a good wash. It also has a six Motion Direct Drive technology which moves the drum in 6 different ways gives a superior cleaning performance.

It comes with a latest Inverter Direct Drive technology which has its motor directly attached to the drums causing less friction, less vibration and noise.

The Baby Care programme effectively washes the mud or poop stains out and keeps germs, bacteria, detergent off the delicate skin of your baby.

It also has other optional programmes such as Crease Care for your expensive suits and shirts, Intensive care for heavily soiled clothes and a Fuzzy logic that checks the amount of dirt and soil, soap and water and adjusts spin cycles with time.

Water temperature can also be set from cold to 95 degree C. This is enough to remove any kind of stains or bad odour from the tub!

The machine is also equipped with a Smart Diagnosis system that lets you detect any dysfunction in your machine by simply connecting it to the SmartThinQ app.

Other Notable Features Include

  • Foolproof Waterproof – touch the waterproof touch panel with wet hands without any worry
  • Auto restart – starts the paused wash cycles automatically after power failure
  • Tub clean: water at 85 degree C cleans tub along with the drum
  • Child Lock- disables the control panel

The Verdict

LG comes with some very innovative and useful technologies but again, the capacity and RPM speed is less compared to the previous ones.  So it comes 3rd on the list after Bosch and IFB.

With all its futuristic technologies like Inverter DD technology, 6 Motion Direct Drive and Smart diagnosis System it’s suitable for a small modern family with not more than 3 members.

What we like:

  • Inverter Direct Drive Technology
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Smart Diagnosis app
  • Baby care and Crease care
  • 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor

What we don’t like

  • Repairing is expensive compared to other models
  • Fastest wash cycle is of 30minutes

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4. Samsung 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine WW60M206LMW/TL

Samsung has its footprints in every segment of home appliances. They always put effort on maintaining quality even under low budget and this 6Kg Front-Loader is no exception.

The Samsung 6kg Fully Automatic washing machine comes with 1000 RPM speed which is pretty good for a 6kg capacity machine.

It has 43% smaller water holes located deep inside the diamond shaped grooves which prevents fabrics from getting pulled and damaged.

It has Quick-wash options for 15 to 30mins to help you with your busy life. It is perfect to quickly wash your daily wears, gym pants, sweat pants etc.

You won’t brood for your favourite dress losing its colour and newness. The Samsung Front-Loader works with a Diamond Drum and a unique Soft-Curl design. It has smooth diamond shaped edges which are super gentle on your clothes but powerful at fighting stains and dirt.

The Digital Inverter Motor is energy efficient, works with minimal noise and comes with a Ceramic heater which prevents it from calcium build-up in hard water.

It also offers you a powerful Volt-Controller which can withstand high level of voltage shocks and ensures its safety for long run.

Other Notable Features Includes:

  • Voltage Control: Can handle up to 25% voltage deviations
  • Premium design: Comes with crystal gloss design
  • Leakage protection: Aqua-stop for any type of leakage prevention
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomically designed dials and buttons. Comes with touch buttons and intuitive wide display.

The verdict:

The cleaning quality that it offers at this price range is unmatched. It is truly one of the best Front-Loader washing machines under 25k. You can easily opt for this if you live alone or with 2-3 members as the drum size is small.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Diamond Drum
  • Ceramic heater
  • Very little vibration even at high RPM speed
  • 3 years warranty on product and 10 years on the motor

What we don’t like

  • Small drum
  • High power consumption

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5. Haier 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine HW70-B12636NZP

If you are in search of a budget Front-Loader without compromising technology and efficiency then this is the right option for you.

Haier offers you spinning rate of 1200 RPM for a super fast drying. 7Kg capacity is good enough for a family of 4 members. It is A+++ certified and saves 30% on your water and power consumption thereby saving some amount of money on your electric bill.

This unit is also suitable if you don’t have good water flow at your place because it has NZP technology (Near Zero Water Pressure). It can work with very low water pressure up to 0.001- 0.002 MPA.

No more worrying about those stubborn stains the Muscular Drum has 128 muscles for better scrubbing with less wear and tear. This keeps your favourite clothes looking all fresh and new.

It takes good care of your hygiene and health as well. Gasket and dispenser comes with special Antibacterial technology. It removes almost 99.8% germs and bacteria.

The motor is an Inverter motor called BLCD (Brushless Direct Current Motor) motor. It is more reliable, makes less noise and saves more energy than the conventional motors.

It also provides you with a Quick Wash option to wash your daily-wear within just 15mins.

Other Notable Feature Include:

  • All standard programs: 15 wash cycles including baby care, hygiene care, intense wash options etc.
  • Non-Transparent door: It is a magic toughened glass door which is nearly black.
  • Temperature control
  • Clean design: Wide user-friendly display and intuitive dials for different settings.
  • Child protection enabled

The verdict:

If you have budget issues and want an efficient Front-Loader washing machine with more than 6 Kg capacity and high RPM level then this can be a great value for money product after IFB senator 8Kg and Bosch 7Kg. 7kg is good enough for a family with 4-5 members.

What we like:

  • Affordable
  • 1200 RPM spin speed
  • A+++ certified
  • Works silently
  • NZP technology
  • 2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor

What we don’t like:

  • Build quality is average

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5 Best Top Loader Washing Machines

1. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you have set your goal on buying a Top-loader without compromising quality, speed and technology, don’t look around wasting any more time and just go with it.

This Fully Automatic LG Top Loader washing machine comes with 700 RPM speed. This may not be the fastest but it is sufficient for a 6.5 kg top-loader.

It can wash the toughest stains out using TurboDrum which rotates the drum with strong water currents and pulsator in reverse direction.

The pulsator works with Punch3 technique which has 3 mini pulsators and 1 main pulsator that send water streams in 3D direction mixing everything up and down repeatedly for an even washing.

The Smart Inverter Technology saves up to 36% energy and has 10 years warranty on it. The motor comes with BMC Motor Protection. It holds the motor firmly producing less noise and vibration. It also blocks dust, insects and humidity.

Side waterfall mixes detergent well and you get 99% detergent removed even when you pour more detergent.

The machine has wash programmes like Wool, Jeans and Fuzzy-logic that automatically detects the wash load and then selects the appropriate wash programme.

You can load up to 2Kg for a Quick wash. And for heavily soiled clothes pre-wash option is also available.

It leaves no unpleasant smell behind the unique Tub Cleaning sterilizes the outer and inner drum thoroughly.

You get to check any functional difficulty with your machine by downloading the L.G SmartthinQ app. It is really helpful!

Other Notable Features Include:

  •   Auto Restart option- restarts the wash-cycles automatically after power cut.
  • Child Lock- a lock system to prevent your child from changing settings.
  • Delay wash- delay wash cycles for 3 to 18 hours according to your convenience.
  • Smart closing door– smooth, safe automatic door closing so you don’t accidentally bump the door.

The Verdict:

LG has introduced some of the best quality automatic Front and Top-Loader washing machines. This Top-loader is our most favourite washer on the list with dozens of useful features such as TubroDrum, Smart Inverter Technology, BMC Motor Protection, Smart Detection and much more. The Unit looks very stylish ad its 6.5 kg capacity is good enough for a family with 4 members.

What we like:

  •         Smart Inverter Technology
  •         Turbo Drum
  •         BMC motor protection
  •         Long motor life
  •         Less vibration and noise
  •         L.G smart detection
  •         2 years warranty on the product and 2 years on the motor

What we don’t like:

  •         Expensive

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2. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

It is one of the best selling Automatic top-Loader washing machines and it offers some features that are tough to find under this price segment.

The spin tub with 1000 RPM speed is the fastest you can have under this price range. Which we think is unbeatable!

It uses a Multipurpose Spin Tub for both washing and drying. The high speed spin tub washes away all dirt and soils. The tub has smaller holes located at the bottom. It causes lesser friction during washing, keeps fabrics safe from getting tucked and damage.

Quadra Flow Pulsator uses 4 small pulsators for even distribution of detergent and water. This method ensures perfect cleaning without any tangles or knots.

To help you save your time it comes with a 10 minute Quick Wash Function to wash lightly soiled clothes. You can also delay the wash cycles up to 24 hours.

It has a Fuzzy Logic Control that first detects the laundry load then selects the appropriate washing programme accordingly.

A Multi-segment Digital Display shows you updates of every wash cycle. It includes Memory Function that allows to you save settings for future use and others like spin speed, rinse cycle and rinse hold, half-load and drain.

The power consumption of Haier HWM58 is also very low at 325 watts.

Other Notable Feature Includes:

  •         Child Lock- locks the settings for your child.
  •         Pre-wash- to wash heavily soiled clothes.
  •         Aqua stop- for leakage prevention.
  •         Rust Free body– top quality plastic body which is rust proof.

The Verdict:

Though it has a higher RPM level and other features quite similar to L.G, one must know L.G offers premium looks and build quality. Otherwise, this champ works great and is our 2nd favourite on the list.

The machine is light weight and can be placed anywhere because of its small size. 5.8 Kg capacity is best for a small family with 3 members.

What we like:

  •         1000 RPM speed
  •         10 min quick wash
  •         Ideal for small space
  •         Powerful cleaning
  •         Works silently
  •         2 years warranty on the product and 5 years on motor

What we don’t like:

  •         Build quality is average

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3. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

Samsung has worldwide recognition in every sector of technology and advancement. It is reliable, reasonable, a total value for money product perfect for an average Indian family.

The Samsung WA62M4100HY washes your clothes in a Diamond drum with Soft Curl design which has 25% smaller holes and smooth diamond shaped edges. This causes less abrasion and a gentle but effective rinsing.

Enhanced Cleaning technique produces powerful water splashes that fall down from the ducts and mixes with the water rotating below. Thus ensuring even distribution of detergent and gives you perfect cleaning every time.

It has 700 RPM spinning speed which is pretty good at this price range.

The Magic filter actively traps any fluffs, lint coming out of your sweaters, blankets, jeans keeps them clean and prevents clogging of drainage. It is detachable and very easy to clean.

Samsung’s Turbo Drying system speeds up the drying time by adding air vents. It effectively reduces the moisture content and lightweight clothes can be ironed directly.  The powerful air circulation also prevents mildew growth inside the tub.

The unique Eco-tub clean technique cleans the tub without requiring any harsh chemicals. It automatically notifies you if it needs cleaning.

Other Notable Features Include:

  •         Extra durable glass door– damage and scratch proof tempered glass that lasts a lifetime
  •         Auto restart– restarts the interrupted wash cycles automatically after power cut
  •         Child Lock– Locks the control panel for Kids
  •         Display- Elegant red LED display

The Verdict:

This is indeed a great unit but it cannot offer you 1000 RPM speed like Hair and lacks the Inverter Technology if compared to LG. Thus it comes 3rd on our list.

It’s great for people who would like to wash their cloth on every alternate day.  It’s suitable for a family with max 4 members.

What we like:

  •         Affordable price
  •         Solid built quality
  •         Turbo Drying
  •         Eco-Tub clean
  •         Powerful cleaning
  •         2 years warranty on the product

What we don’t like:

  •         Requires a lot of water

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4. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

When the Brand is Bosch you imagine exceptional build quality. This Top-Loader washing machine from Bosch will meet all your expectations at an affordable price.

The Intelligent Wave Movement which moves the drum in two alternative directions creates strong water waves inside the drum and the Multidirectional WaterFlow produces dynamic water flow currents. The combined action of these two systems is called the PowerWave Washsystem which is proved to keep your favourite top new even after several washes.

The 6.5 kg capacity drum has a maximum spinning speed of 680 RPM. It is lower than most of the machines out there, but it does the job fine!

The machine is programmed to automatically select the right wash option according to the load with just One Touch Start button.So you can sit back relax and let the machine do its job.

It has Dual Dispenser for both powder and liquid detergent. The Magic Filter effectively gathers all lint, fluffs from your sweater, jeans, and blankets keep your laundry clean and new.

Don’t worry if you have a low water supply in your area. This can work with Low water Pressure as low as 0.3 bar.

The machine has Power-off Memory which resumes the half-finished wash cycles after power failure.

Unlike other top-loaders Bosch offers you to choose from 6 different colours which will complement your interiors.

Other Notable Features Include:

  •         Soft Closing Lid- shuts quietly and protects your hands from sudden slams and injury.
  •         Toughened Glass- a stylish see through glass cover that can withstand heavy weight
  •         Child lock- completely disables the control panel
  •         User friendly display– user friendly control panel with elegant blue LED display

The Verdict:

One who looks for good built quality and stylish designs in a washing machine should look no where other than Bosch. It does its job perfectly and the price is also on the cheaper side. 6.5 kg washer can serve a family with 4-5 members.

What we like:

  •         Solid build quality
  •         Stylish design
  •         One Touch start
  •         Silent operation
  •         Powerful cleaning
  •         2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor

What we don’t like:

  •         Delayed installation is some areas
  •         Low RPM level takes times on drying

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5. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

When you are in the market of washing machines you cannot miss Whirlpool. Their refrigerators and washers are trusted by millions of customers.

Whirlpool 7Kg top-loader has 740 RPM speed which is pretty good when it comes to cleaning speed. It cleans clothes using Power Scrub Technology. It uses 3D scrub pads and produces strong agitations to kick off stubborn stains and gives a thorough wash.

The Whirlpool favourite Spa Wash system uses a drum with 50% lesser hole for a perfect washing without damaging your favourite shirt, top or jeans.

It reduces the amount of lint formation and minimizes the tangling and twisting of clothes up to 40%.

Your clothes won’t lose their colour and texture even if you wash in hard water. Because it comes with a Hard Water Wash treatment which adapts in hard water conditions and gives clean clothes to wear.

It features three Smart technologies; a Smart Sensor for low water and low voltage indications, Smart Detergent Recommendation- senses the load and decides detergent dosage and a Smart Lint filter to catch lint from your clothes.

It comes with a 6th Sense 123 technology which measures the load first and then it adjusts water sets the time and temperature automatically. It can save 30% more energy over the normal wash cycles.

The ZPF allows it to fill the tub in 50% lesser time even when the water pressure is as low as 0.017 Mpa.

If you want to get your laundry done faster Express Wash can do it in half time. For Indian consumers, it comes with a Sari Wash programme which takes good care of your silks and cottons.

Other Notable Feature Includes:

  • Auto tub clean- cleans the tub in high temperature to prevent mould and unpleasant smell formation
  • Delay start- delay wash cycles up to 24 hours
  • Magic Lint Filter- catches lint and fluffs from clothes
  • Child-Lock

The Verdict:

This Top-Loader has the highest capacity of 7kg on the list and 740 RPM speed is also decent. One should go with Whirlpool if they need to do a lot of laundry and do it real quick.

What we like:

  •         740 RPM speed
  •         7 Kg capacity
  •         Spa wash
  •         Zero Pressure Flow technology
  •         Easy to operate
  •         2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on motor

What we don’t like:

  •         Uses a lot of water
  •         Noisy

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Washing Machines Buying Guide

Washing machines are indeed a worthwhile investment! But the main concern here is how to select a washing machine in India that is suitable for your requirement? The answer to this will depend on a number of factors and considering these important factors you will have to come to a decision. There are many washing machines that differ in functions, load, tank capacity, and features etc. Some uses quick wash, various wash programs, fuzzy logic, temperature control and what not!

To make it easy for you, here is a detailed guide of all the things you should know before you buy a washing machine.

1. Types of Washing Machines

Types of washing machines are the first and foremost thing that everyone should look into while purchasing. It is because it helps to decide the exact washing machine according to your needs and home requirement. Primarily, it should perfectly fit in rooms and should also suffice your cleaning requirements without troubling you. Likewise, they’re classified into 2 types based on the type of operation and the clothes put into it.

  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
  • Fully Automatic Washing Machine

a) Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi automatic washing machine is a traditional device that comes with 2 tubs- for washing and drying. There is an option for you to manually pause the wash cycle and wipe clothes to remove excess dirt. Furthermore, it consumes less power and is very easy to operate. It is best suited for those who are on a limited budget.

Working Principle: A semi-automatic top load washing machine works requires manual effort as stated above. You need to manually fill the washer with water (up to the desired level) using a bucket or pipe. It does not give any alerts as it should be monitored by the user.

Now, you have to add detergent in the tub and set the washing time, and fabric type. After sometime, it will produce a buzz sound which means the washing is completed. Now, you have to take out the clothes and put it in dryer section to dry.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Comes at very low prices.
  • Takes less time to wash and dry.
  • Requires less amount of water.


  • Needs manual operation and effort.
  • Occupies more space.
  • You will have to shift clothes from washer to dryer every time.

b) Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic machines, as the name suggests, make washing easier without human interaction. It has got only 1-tub that can perform both actions of washing and drying. To operate, simply put the clothes and press start button. You don’t need to pour water as the device collects automatically from the tap connected to it. Once the task is completed, take out the clothes and allow it to completely dry in the presence of sunlight.

Fully automatic washing machines are further classified into 2 types depending on the load: Top and Front. The name comes from where the clothes are loaded into the washing machine.

Top Load Washing Machines

A top load washing machine is also known as agitator models with high-efficiency. These are better at cleaning bulk loads of laundry! As the name suggests, clothes are loaded from the top side as the tub is placed vertically. It even uses less water and has large storage capacity compared to front load machines. Moreover, it comes with smart options like timer, auto-off, faster-spinning speed and more.


  • Adaptable design structure.
  • Best budget washing machine.
  • Consumes less power and space.
  • Convenient to add or remove clothes.
  • Comes with 10-15 washable programs.


  • Running water is required to complete washing.

Front Load Washing Machines

Front load washing machines are more expensive compared to top load machines. But Front load machines are gentler on the fabric compared to top load ones. They also come with a range of useful features such as hot wash option, child lock, and variable spin speed, etc.

To operate, you will have to place the clothes from the front side where the tub is open. Now, you just have to turn on the device and the water will flow into it due to the direct connection with the tap.

When the water level reaches the triggering point, it will stop the flow and will start the washing process. Though it takes more time, it wipes out the dirt and stains completely from clothes like-jeans, shirts, casuals, night dresses etc. Overall, you can expect more effective washing!


  • Even washes the delicate clothes.
  • Uses advanced washing technology.
  • Features child lock, spinner, timer, hot wash.


  • Takes more time to wash.
  • Most expensive type of washing machines.
  • Needs water connection permanently.

Top Load Vs Front Load Washing Machines

Top LoadFront LoadEconomical to buyComes at expensive ratesAverage washing qualityBest washing qualityRequires more waterRequires less waterTakes less time to washMore time to wash garmentsNo need to bendHave to bend to insert clothesAdd or remove clothes from the topAdd or remove clothes from the front end

On a comparison note, front load washing machines are far better than top load due to the washing quality, and number of smart features. Although top load machines come with advanced features, it’s up to an individual to choose the best that fulfills your needs, expectations and most importantly matches your home.

2. Tank Capacity

Washing machine tank capacity is the most important factor for choosing the best one that matches with your requirements – family members and the laundry load.

The modern washing machines come with a tank capacity typically ranging from 5-10 kg per cycle. Here we’ve given a table that explains about the size of the tank with respect to family members. Choose the tank capacity as per the number of persons in your family to save the purchasing costs and electricity bills.

Family MembersTank Capacity2-45 – 6 kg5-76 – 8 kg>7> 8 Kg

3. Washing Programs & Hardness of Water

Most washing machines come with 3 main washing functions – normal, heavy and permanent. Some high-end washing machines do come with unique wash programmers for different fabrics – such as cotton, dry wash, hot wash, wool, silk, and intensive, etc.

Hard water makes extremely difficult to wipe out the unnecessary particles present on the device.

Further, it cannot dissolve the detergents used to remove stains. And the salts deposited on the drum and pipe will make noise while cleaning the clothes. So as to overcome these issues, modern fully automatic washing machines have come with Aqua Energy Technology (mostly seen in water purifiers) to convert hard water into soft water.

This wonderful technology is equipped with efficient filters that trap salts (bicarbonates) and transforms them into crystals. Now, these small-sized crystals flow easily in water and thereby make the cleaning process easier and more effective.

4. Material of the Tub

Tubs are usually made of stainless steel, porcelain enamel or plastic. Plastic tubs last longer than enamel that can chip or rust. Stainless tubs are the most durable and long lasting and can withstand high spin speeds.

5. Spin Cycle

Spin cycles are used for drying the clothes after washing. Spin cycle is determined as revolutions per minute. Machines with higher revolutions per minute have better drying capacity compared to machines with lower revolutions per minute. A machine might have different spin cycle for delicate fabrics and coarse fabrics.

6. Inverting Technology

Inverting technology brings a revolutionary change to save energy consumed by the electronic appliances. You can expect lower energy bills for sure! The major advantage of using this technology is to run the machine continuously without power loss. Further it allows the motor to operate at low or high speeds. So, it’s important for an individual to choose washing machines with inverter technology only when he/she puts different loads into it.

7. Temperature Controller

The temperature control feature will let the user to control the temperature of the water. Some machines do come with built-in heaters and is useful during winter season. It turns the normal water to hot and will deter the stains better than cold water wash.

8. Energy Efficient

Check out for the energy efficient washing machines that are available in the market. These energy efficient machines save your electricity bills and improve the overall performance in washing.  Though the energy-efficient washing machines costs high compared to the basic models. If you have any doubts regarding power saving options, better interact with the sales person, product manufacturers or the respective authorities.

9. Price and Warranty Information

Last one is about price and the warranty details. If you’re on tight budget and the only intention is to wash clothes properly, then prefer basic models that quickly wipe out the stains. Else, if you’re able to invest more, go with the latest washing machines that come with number of smart features to serve you the best. You will not be disappointed with the performance of the product.

Moreover, the branded models come with warranty services to attract the customers. Roughly it can be 5-10 years on the product as well as the tub. If you find any damage replace with a new one and also get it repaired for free of cost within the time duration.

10. Smart Features in Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Quick Wash: This is one of the most common features that come with almost all automatic washing machines. In this feature, it takes only 15 to 18 minutes to wash 1 to 1.5 kg of laundry. But this feature is restricted to small loads.

Delay Wash: This feature is good for those with a busy schedule. It allows you to plan your washing ahead of the schedule and allows you to delay the washing function for up to 23 hours. It automatically starts the washing cycle on its own even if you are out or sleeping.

Hot Wash: Many front load machines come with inbuilt heaters that allows you to control the temperature of the water during wash cycles. The hot wash speeds up the drying process and is especially beneficial during winter season.

Steam Wash:  This is an advanced feature available in only high end washing machines. It uses steam and heat to remove tough stains from clothes and removes odor.

Child Lock: This particular feature is especially useful for those who have kids at home. This feature locks down the machine’s program panel so that the kids won’t be able to affect the washing process.

Fuzzy Logic: This feature is useful for those who are not accustomed to the complicated and fancy features of the program panel. Fuzzy logic or auto select automatically selects the best washing program depending on the base of load quantity. It detects the weight and time of the wash cycle automatically and starts the washing function.

Time Delay and Pre-Soak Option: It will delay the washing cycle for some time when you are busy with household work. It even helps to avoid noise to some extent. Pre-soak function helps to soak the clothes before the device starts washing automatically.

LCD Display: Modern washing machines are equipped with large size LCD displays to read easily and know which specific operation is carried out. It will display few important parameters like washing, spinning, drying, timer, type of cloth, and temperature settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best size washing machine for a small family?

Ideally speaking, the size or tank capacity of washing machine for a small family consisting of 4 members may vary from 4-5.5kg. It means the machine can support clothes to a maximum weight of 5.5 kg even though you can use it for twice or thrice in a week.2. How long a fully automatic washing machine lasts?

On an average the lifespan of fully automatic washing machines is about 10-15 years. It even lasts longer or the performance diminishes depending on the maintenance. So, maintain the system properly to work in good condition and to deter the unwanted dust, and stains on clothes.3. Do washing machine tubs and motor come under warranty? 

Most of the branded washing machines do come with warranty services on the product, tub and motors. It may vary from 2, 5, 10-years depending on the brand, price and the smart features incorporated. So look only for the brands that offer outstanding warranty services, otherwise you may get fed up with the basic models that fails very quickly and imposes repairing costs due to the limited warranty information.4. How fully an automatic washing machine works? 

The working of fully automatic washing machines is that initially when you turn on the device, it will automatically collects water from the tap and stops when reaches the desired level. Now put the clothes in and add detergent/conditioners. It may take some time to completely deter the stains on clothes or dresses. After completing the washing process, it will switch to dryer mode to dry the clothes, curtains, mats completely.5. Can washing machines rip of the clothes?

Obviously yes! Your washing machines do rip of (tear) the clothes when it is not working well or due to the damaged tub inside. Any sort of damage to the device will result in worn out and spoil the clothes completely.6. How long a washing machine does takes to deter stains on clothes?

On an average it may take 30-45 minutes time to remove dust, ink marks, food stains etc. It quickly cleans the clothes and consumes less power, thereby saves your electricity bills.7. How much power does a fully loaded automatic washing machine consumes? 

It is the most common home appliances that most people use to clean clothes and fabrics. The fully loaded washing machines consume power of 500-1300 watts. 80-90% of power is used to heat the water and the rest for specific operations like wash, spin, dry.
For you convenience, we have illustrated an example by considering the factors like power usage, energy charges, and the number of hours used. Check it out!
Let us say, in a small house consisting of 4 members use washing machine twice a day. Now, we’ll find out the power consumed and the energy charges. If you use the machines for 30-45-60 minutes, and the price per 1 kWh is 0.10 then-
For 30 minutes of usage per unit is…
* Cost per hour is 0.0500
* Per day is 0.0150
* Per month is 0.46
* And for year 5.48 
For 60 minutes…
* Cost per hour is 0.0500
* Per day is 0.0300
* Per month is 0.91
* And for year 10.958. How will I know that my washing machine will fit in my room?

Bigger capacity washing machines are generally bulkier. Going by this exact notion, it is recommended that you measure the space thoroughly. Ideally, keep around 6-7 inches at the back of the machine so that you have room for plugging in water and for draining. 
Most importantly, you should measure the doors of your room through which the machine will go inside. Always check the dimensions before buying. Compact machines should be your first choice, if you have limited spa

Few Word to Conclude…

Washing machines are no longer considered as an expensive home appliance. It is one of the must-have tools in every household.

There are dozens of mainstream brands and a few smaller companies that are selling washing machines in India. Some of them can excite you with low price range but they may not have any warranty or a good after sales service which is really important.

In the given list of 10 washing machines, our favourite Front-loader is Bosch WAK24268IN and favourite Top-loader is LG T7581NDDLG.

But if you have budget issues or liked some other product from the list you should definitely go with it. They all have excellent reviews and offer good after sales service.

Also if you have any queries regarding washing machines, you can go through the detailed buying guide above and make your purchase!

You can also share them in the comment section below. We will try our best to answer them ASAP!

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